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Workforce Wednesday KVTA Radio Interviews

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January 2019: Growing apprenticeship opportunities in Ventura County: 3C-Ren Tri-Counties Regional Energy Network
May 2019: HOPE program providing healthcare career opportunities to students in Ventura County

April 20, 2016: WDB-VC partners with local economic development professionals to connect employers with a wide range of free and low-cost business services
May 25, 2016: How projects at the Naval Base and the Port of Hueneme are contributing to our local economy

February 18, 2015: Tourism/Hospitality credential program in Ventura County
March 25, 2015: What it takes to prepare for good-paying jobs and rewarding careers in infrastructure work
April 22, 2015: Job interviews: What employers look for, what makes them cringe?

February 26, 2014: What it takes to get your foot in the door in a rewarding career in manufacturing
April 23, 2014: Healthcare: changing job landscape and career opportunities/emerging and growing jobs from healthcare reform
May 28, 2014: What is Ventura County Grows Business, and why is it important?
August 20, 2014: Partnerships that make a difference: multiple entities engaged in workforce development
October 22, 2014: Manufacturing: What makes bio medical device manufacturing one of V County’s hidden treasures?

September 18, 2013: Part 2 of WIB Award Winners: What are businesses doing to connect with young people?
October 23, 2013: Why does my kid need to learn manual skills, even if he’s planning to go to college?
November 20, 2013: How are Californian’s “green” priorities affecting local businesses and jobs?