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Internships and Work Experience

Build a Skilled Pipeline of Workers for Your Company

As baby boomers begin to leave the workforce, businesses are opening their doors to Ventura County youth through earn-and-learn programs. As an employer, you can prepare prospective employees your way and introduce them to your corporate culture.


Benefits to Employers

  • Develop a pool of potential employees
  • Get a first-hand look at promising high school seniors or college students
  • Stimulate youth interest in careers in your industry
  • Take advantage of a fresh perspective, youthful energy, and a natural aptitude for technology


One option is to offer an internship, which may last for a semester, a summer, or a full year. An internship can be created in any shape or size, depending on your company’s needs. It is a great way for a student to get hands-on experience while offering valuable help to the employer.

Best Practices on how to develop an Internship Program


Vocational training in the form of an apprenticeship allows a young adult to learn and earn on the way to becoming a professional in a trade, art or business. For employers, it is a valuable way to teach the practical application of skills by mentoring and teaching someone who has decided their career path. Apprentices are paid employees whose wages increase as their skills increase.

Best Practices on how to develop an Apprenticeship Program

Job Shadowing/Externships

A job shadowing program enables employers to meet high school or college students who visit the business/office for a day and “shadow” a competent employee. As the student explores potential careers, employers have the opportunity to promote their industries while making a connection between education and real world situations. Externships are a combination of an internship and job shadowing. They can last one or two days or up to a few weeks over holidays or the summer. Like job shadowing, employers introduce externs to potential careers, relating their field of study applies to a particular job or career. If an externship lasts more than a day or two, externs can do basic tasks to free up current employees to do more skilled work.

Best practices and information on Job Shadowing/Externships:

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