Justice-Involved Individuals


Start your career now!

If you are justice-involved and/or formerly incarcerated, we can help you start your career. We can help write your resumé, practice your interview skills and provide training for in-demand jobs, all at no cost.

Am I eligible?

Formerly Incarcerated: individuals who has at any time served a custody sentence in any adult or juvenile federal, state, or local detention facility; or in any alternative custody program such as home detention.

Justice-Involved: individuals (adult & juveniles) who are on parole, probation, mandatory suspension, post-release community supervision, or are otherwise part of the supervised population as defined in Penal code §1234(d) and/or under jurisdiction of a county or the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. This also includes individuals who are on county informal probation, county deferred entry of judgement, or any other county diversion program such as drug courts, veterans courts, community courts or other specialty courts.

Additional eligibility criteria may apply.

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