Labor Market Information

The State of California Employment Development Department provides Labor Market Information on their website.

Earn and Learn Occupations Tool

The California Earn and Learn Occupations Tool is a web-based, interactive tool designed to assist job seekers and workforce partners to identify potential occupations in which you could earn a wage and learn new skills at the same time. Workforce professionals can use the tool to assist job seekers in finding occupations that have a potential for on-the-job training while gaining classroom knowledge. Job seekers can use the tool as a guide to find occupations that will pay middle to high-wage in their local area and offer minimum training to aid in joining the job market faster.

The tool offers three components:

  • Middle-skill and middle to high-wage earn and learn occupations.
  • Training institutions in the local are that offer courses related to the identified occupations.
  • Job centers across California to assist the job seeker with job readiness skills.

Online Job Vacancy Statistics Dashboard

The Online Job Vacancy Statistics Dashboard provides timely monthly measures of labor demand (advertised vacancies) for the United States, California, and 29 metropolitan statistical areas of California. Advertised vacancies data is extracted from Burning Glass Technologies, Labor Insight™ Real-Time Labor Market Information Tool using the Help Wanted OnLine (HWOL) universe filter. Job ads in the HWOL universe are collected in real-time from online job domains including traditional job boards, corporate boards, social media sites, and smaller job sites that serve niche markets and smaller geographic areas.

Things you will find in this dashboard:

  • Top Occupation with the most job ads in your area
  • Cities and Census Designated Places with the most jobs ads in your area
  • Top Employment Sectors with the most job ads in your area
  • Top Employers with the most job ads in your area

Supply and Demand Tool

The purpose of the California Labor Market Supply and Demand Tool is a web-based interactive tool designed and developed to assist workforce partners, businesses, and educational institutions, by providing data to build and strengthen partnerships in alignment with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.