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The initial focus of this committee is on the engagement of manufacturing employers for the development of a work-ready talent pool in Ventura County. Key partners for this committee are representatives from small/mid-size/ large businesses, community colleges, universities, K-adult education, labor representatives, and community service groups.

Goal: Champion the creation, support, and training of a diverse pipeline of skilled workers to fill in-demand manufacturing positions in Ventura County. Align educational skills development with hiring trends and emerging technologies. Foster an environment that will engage and bring together Ventura County partners to advocate manufacturing workforce needs and support a robust manufacturing sector.

Sample Accomplishments

  • Manufacturing Career Ladders: Provided employer feedback on the initial VC Innovates draft of the Manufacturing and Engineering Career Pathways Career Ladder Chart. Suggestions related to production, maintenance and facilities, engineering, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, and supply chain positions.
  • Manufacturing Curriculum Development: Provided the WDB Manufacturing Readiness Skills list and manufacturing employer feedback to help support the development of a Ventura College curriculum of eight manufacturing-related courses.
  • Manufacturing Network Development: Created a quarterly networking event to help engage businesses in MRVC and workforce development. For Manufacturing Day 2015, opened manufacturing doors to more than 300 students.

Additional Manufacturing Resources: