About Us

VC Jobs With a Future

Ventura County Jobs with a Future connects career planning, Ventura County adult education, work experience and job readiness resources with Ventura County youth. Want the inside scoop on some good paying jobs in Ventura County? Want to know what it takes to get into those careers? Match your strengths with job choices and financial goals. Whether you are out-of-school, between jobs or not sure what about your next career move, VC Jobs With a Future can help you build a career path. Start with the VC Jobs With a Future website and join the conversation on Twitter to learn about how to start your plan.

Workforce Development Board of Ventura County

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) administers the distribution of federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds that help support America’s Job and Career Center locations in Ventura County and other Ventura County adult education, employer and youth programs, including Ventura County Jobs With a Future. Through the effective use of WIOA funds and strong private and public-sector partnerships, WDB-supported programs offer quality workforce development resources at no cost to program participants. The WDB works to ensure that Ventura County has a strong, relevant workforce that can support the changing needs of employers and that adult job seekers have access to the resources necessary to receive education and achieve success.