WDB Regional and Local Plans

Shared Vision

The Ventura County region has a high quality, appropriately skilled workforce that is ready and able to support the evolving business needs of employers in a dynamic, competitive, global economic environment.


The WDBVC builds and nurtures strong local partnerships and collaborates to design a workforce system that creates upward mobility opportunities for individuals in order to meet and anticipate the needs of employers while advancing the local economy.


  • Collaboration
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Responsiveness to the needs of individuals and businesses
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Strategic Goals 2022

  1. Increase support to job seekers with barriers to employment
  2. Develop and implement a regional Information & Communications Technology Work Based Learning pathway
  3. Expand the performance dashboard that tracks customers served by all WDBVC programs
  4. Develop a marketing strategy to expand awareness of WDBVC services and resources to job seekers and employers across the region
  5. Expand employer engagement to support employers in region who need a ready workforce and place job seekers
  6. Analyze WDBVC board governance and legal structures
  7. Equity and Inclusion throughout existing policies, programming, and representation