WDB Regional and Local Plans

Shared Vision

The Ventura County region will have a high-quality, appropriately skilled workforce that is ready and able to support the changing business needs of employers in a dynamic, competitive, global economic environment.

The regional workforce strategy will include ongoing skills attainment that is supportive of regional growth industry sectors and clusters and enabled by a braided, leveraged workforce system that addresses business-driven demands and worker needs for steady employment.

Aligned Goals and Action Plans

  • Business and Industry: Meet the workforce needs of high-demand sectors in the Ventura County regional economy.
  • Adults: Increase the number of adults obtaining an industry-recognized credential/degree and a related sector job.
  • Youth: Increase the number of high school graduates ready for post-secondary education and/or a career.
  • System Alignment and Accountability: Support workforce development system alignment, service integration, and continuous improvement.