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WDB Committees

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Executive Committee
Members of the Executive Committee include the WDB Chair, WDB Vice Chair, WDB Immediate Past Chair, and the Chairs of the standing and sector committees. The Executive Committee provides financial and performance oversight and is authorized to take actions on behalf of the WDB when time-sensitive correspondence or the approvals of compliance documents are required before the next regularly scheduled meeting of the WDB. Any such actions will be reported to the WDB at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for WDB member recruitment, developing strategies for WDB member development, recommending replacement of members, reviewing records of WDB member meeting attendance, and ensuring the proper implementation and consistency with the membership provision of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

Outreach Committee
The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to increase public awareness and promote the use of services offered under the auspices of the WDB. The primary target of the Committee’s community outreach is local business and industry, but also includes the promotion of marketing strategies to inform and attract clients to youth, adult, and dislocated worker services and to the local America’s Job Center of California system and related programs and services.

Programs Committee
This newly established committee will oversee the development, operation, and evaluation of all WIOA-funded programs. This includes Youth, Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Rapid Response programs. The committee reviews program metrics that measure the impact of WDB programs and services as well as evaluating RFPs.

Industry Sector Committees
Create a comprehensive, high-quality workforce development system by aligning workforce investment, education, and economic development. This includes support of regional growth industry sectors and clusters that addresses business-driven demands and worker needs for steady employment. These four industry sector committees bring together WDB Board Members and Ventura County employers to work together on common goals.

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