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ICT Career Pathways Tool

This tool highlights existing and emerging opportunities for the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) field in Ventura County with the goal of identifying the top job postings, occupations, skills, education/experience requirements, and career pathways for those interested in ICT. Data was pulled from Lightcast, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Economic Development Department of CA, and local education and training providers.

Why We Have This

  • Job developers, career service providers, and partners can use this to support job seekers in navigating career pathways
  • Youth can use this to understand possible career pathways
  • Education providers can better help students navigate

How To Guide

  • Slides 4-10 provide contextual data for the top ICT positions in Ventura County
  • Slide 11 visualizes each of the sub-industries that comprise the ICT ecosystem and selected occupations under each category
  • Slide 12-35 provides an overview of each of the 8 sub-industries as well as a career map that comprises entry-level, mid-career, and advanced occupations.
  • Slides 36-51 represent detailed descriptions and skills of all the occupations listed in the career maps (alphabetical order).
  • In sum, the slides can be used to understand the ICT ecosystem in Ventura by looking at sub-industry career maps and accessing specific job cards for each occupation.

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